About Us

Karda Constructions has been instrumental in touching the lives and enriching the lifestyles of more than 3500+ families over the last two decades in Nashik City.

It is a First Generation Construction Company in Nashik with a disciplined and professional approach in its area of expertise i.e. Real-estate Development in Nashik since 1994. Karda Constructions has passionately strived to bring people under one roof and fostering a sense of brotherhood through the concept of ‘Group Housing’ within our customers. More than a business, it is a Dream, shared with everyone we work for and with.

Nashik being the home ground, Karda Constructions shares a bond with every Nashikite since two decades. The venture has grown with the city while contributing to its growth proactively with its ambitious projects and has left no stone unturned to make the end customer happy. Karda provides everything ranging from a 1BHK flat to a Penthouse or from row houses to palatial bungalows you name it. Every deal is as transparent as air and everything that is promised is delivered end of the day. The referrals and repeat business generated from the existing customers is enough to reinforce their sincerity and commitment.